Extended Service Contract

For most of us, our car is the most expensive purchase that we will make other than our home. The primary benefit to buying a new vehicle is the complete warranty coverage that comes from the factory. While the primary benefit to buying a used vehicle is the dramatic cost savings. Have the best of both with an Extended Service Contract that provides a new car warranty extension on most vehicles. That coverage can even be tailored to your specific driving needs.

An engine or transmission is almost a worry of the past but today there are dozens of individual computers and components all communicating simultaneously and all interdependent on each other. These make modern cars extremely efficient, safe, and comfortable but can also be extremely expensive to replace. Fortunately, even these can be covered, parts and labor, most often for 100k miles or more.

Further protection includes the best in road side assistance. Trip Interruption, lock out, jump start, flat tires, gas, oil, and coolant delivery, as well as towing services. And as an added benefit, your service contract can be transferred to the next owner if you decide to sell your vehicle.

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